Thoreau's seeds for the new year

Henry David Thoreau explained it this way: “Events and circumstances have their origins in ourselves. They spring from the seeds we have sown.” We have seed power. We can make our thoughts a reality. Attention to whatever we want to accomplish or change is the transformative energy we use. Positive seeds—such as the desire to take care of ourselves and others, to be kind and compassionate, happy and hopeful—can be given time and attention so they grow stronger. Our depth of desire helps us sustain the change we want. There may be times we revert back to our prior behavior—perhaps our energy or attention gets diverted by something else, or we stop paying attention to what we are in the process of changing, or we take the new behavior for granted before it becomes automatic. If we practice anything long enough it will become automatic or at least reach a new realm of easiness. When that happens we still have the same motivation, but the practice becomes easy and doesn’t require the work it took at the beginning to make the change. 

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