I find it easy to eat out

I find it easy to eat out. If I want a salad, I order it without the cheese and don’t use a cheese dressing. I simply say, “I don’t eat dairy.” For pizza, a margarita pizza with no cheese tastes great. This pizza is sauce-less and is topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, onion, and garlic. It tastes very fresh, doesn’t feel heavy in your stomach, and you can really taste the delicious crust. If I go out for Mexican food, I order a vegetable, rice, and bean burrito or tostada with no cheese or sour cream. For an Italian dinner out, I order pasta with a meatless tomato sauce or pasta and veggies with olive oil. Soy lattes and cappuccinos are available in most places. Asian restaurants are easy: I order entrees made with tofu.