"Never, ever give up..."

I tell my patients who need to make changes that it’s important to know they already possess the ability to do whatever they want or need to do. Sometimes all it takes is sticking with it—not giving up if you don’t succeed at first. Recently, an editorial writer in my local newspaper said, in response to Diana Nyad’s successful 110-mile, fifty-three-hour swim from Cuba to Florida, “Nyad embodies the three essential qualities that drive people to accomplish the goals they set: A burning passion, an innate belief that it is possible, and the determination to accept nothing less. In combination, their power is incalculable, enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary things.” The title of the editorial was “Never, ever give up,” and the front-page headline for the story was This Time, She Makes It,referring to the fact that Diana Nyad tried the same swim three times before and failed each time; after each try she found solutions to problems she’d encountered the previous time. She was sixty-four years old when she succeeded.

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