A path of transformation

Thich Nhat Hanh describes “applied Buddhism” as something that can be used in every circumstance to shed light on the situation and help solve the problem. We can use applied Buddhism to help us manifest whatever behavior we want. This approach reveals how to manage our thoughts and solve any problem. It’s a technique, a method to simplify and demystify the way we look at change.

We may feel we cannot change, but in fact we can. Buddhist methods help us look at an issue, put it in perspective, and evaluate it in an objective way, considering whether our thoughts and actions are harmful or helpful to us or anyone else. The path to a real solution starts with awareness, and involves looking at both ourselves and our situations honestly and with understanding, love, and compassion. We look at how we arrived here and decide how we want to be different from who we are now. This Buddhist approach can be used to solve any issue in our lives. In my book Enlightened Eating, we’re looking at how to change our health by changing what we eat, as well as how to change how we think and act in regard to food. We’re transforming our relationship with food.

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