Have you heard of the Impossible Burger?

My son saw an article called “The New Veganomics” by Sorrell Downer.  He writes about how a plant-based burger, the Impossible Burger, was awarded best technological innovation by Digital Trends and Engadget. Impossible Foods is the Silicon Valley business  that does this -- they know how to use plants to make meat.

Those of us already eating vegan are excited about more people being able to enjoy and benefit from plant-based foods. Non-vegans want plant-based meat that looks and tastes like the real thing. A burger that tastes like a burger (bloody with beet juice). A sausage that has the texure and taste of the real things, crackling with fat.  If you haven’t tried these products yet, they are becoming main stream and available at regular super markets and, of course at Whole Foods. Personal health, animal welfare and global climate change will benefit.