Living healthy outweighs your genetics (Monterey Herald article)

The Monterey Herald recently printed a story about how a healthy lifestyle can lower your genetic risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.  A study  in the UK of 200,00 people over 60 years of age found 1% of those with a high genetic risk and healthy lifestyle developed dementia vs. 2% of those with a high genetic risk and poor lifestyle.

 Healthy lifestyle is defined as a good diet, adequate exercise, limiting alcohol and not smoking. Dr. Rudy Tanzi, an expert in genetics from Massachusetts General Hospital said “ That means that with 95% of mutations lifestyle will make a difference. Don’t be too worried about genetics. Spend more time being mindful of living a healthy life.”

 I have long said that diet is more important than genetics when it comes to lowering your risk for chronic and disabling diseases. Eat plant-based whole foods as much as possible. Move more. If you imbibe, 1 alcoholic drink  per day for women and 2 for men is considered prudent. Not drinking alcohol daily is healthier.  Not many of us continue to smoke, but if you do--time to stop.