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Reviews for Enlightened Eating 

“Dr. Cassandra Ohlsen is one of those rare physicians whose goal is to help you understand that what and how you eat is foundational to your personal health, the health of others we share the Earth with, and the Earth itself. If you want more energy and vibrant health, her book, Enlightened Eating, will give you that and a lot, lot more.”

John Robbins, President of the Food Revolution Network; and Author of Diet For A New America and The Food Revolution

“If you are looking to improve your eating habits, Enlightened Eating is the perfect place to start. This life-changing book translates complex nutrition information into simple, practical guidance and helps you take in hand the power of good nutrition.”

Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC, Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine; President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, D.C.

About Enlightened Eating 

The connection between what we eat and our health and weight is obvious. We give little thought to overeating high-calorie, fat-laden, prepared, processed, and unnatural foods. The quickest and surest way to reverse the results of our unhealthy choices is to eat nutrient-rich, calorie-sparse natural foods—vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. Dr. Ohlsen explores the extensive health benefits, food-enjoyment issues, psychological considerations, and earthly impact of a plant-based diet. She takes us on her own journey from overweight meat eater suffering many health challenges to slim, healthy individual whose diet is entirely plant-based whole foods. Her practical advice includes how to change our eating habits using Buddhist psychology and a master plan called the Eightfold Path to help establish and support healthy decision-making. She interweaves nutrition, inspirational stories, and mindful eating to help us eat better, think better, and do better.

Available online, at libraries, and your local bookstore.

Also available as an e-book.

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