Understanding what we’re doing with food and why

The first step in changing how we eat is to recognize and acknowledge what we’re doing with food and why—to look at our disconnection from what or why we’re eating. Often, we use overeating, drinking too much, or smoking to try to control stress and anxiety rather than deal with the underlying causes of our stress and anxiety. If, of course, we don’t pay attention to those underlying causes they can never be healed or resolved. When we become aware of why we’re eating we might think, for example, “I know I’m eating this salty crunchy something because I’m angry about…” or, “I know I’m drinking this glass of wine while I make dinner to try to relax and distance myself from what happened today.” We might be eating because we’re stressed and tired, we want more energy, we want relief from the gnawing anxiety we feel. We want pleasure now, we want to feel good now, we want to stuff down some strong emotion such as anger, or we want to fill the pit of dissatisfaction inside us. 

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