Buddhist wisdom is compatible with any religion

The wisdom of ancient Buddhist teachings is as relevant today as it was 2,600 years ago. Profound, simple, and elegant, Buddhist psychology helps us navigate a path through life. Buddhist wisdom is a guide to achieving a better self and is compatible with any religion. Buddhism gives us a plan of action; we’re given a way to study ourselves and our thinking and how we’re living our lives. We’re asked to recognize our innate goodness and act from that goodness: To live according to the principle of non-harming by respecting and protecting all life; to not participate in any endeavor that causes other living beings to suffer; to communicate with kindness and honesty, to inspire others, and to help create happiness and eliminate suffering with our words and actions; to really listen without an agenda, and to consume mindfully and in a way that contributes to our own health and well-being as well as those of the world around us.

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